c r e a t i v e - e c l e c t i c

The icons I have used for this site represent a set of images with personal significance for me. They all relate to my childhood, and the growth of my interest in art.


When I was younger I kept a birds wing in a drawer in my room. It fascinated but also repelled me. The wing represents my love of the organic world and the process of decay. I had an interest in military model making when I was in my early teens (something that fell by the wayside when I discovered role-playing games). I used to love cutting up and then reassembling model soldiers-creating new variations and characters. I still do this in my artwork, and aspects of montage and assemblage are common in almost everything I create.
The pendulum was something I found in the road one day (I was always picking things up from the roadside when I was a child). It represents changability and the flow of time. Life is path full of ups and downs... Human contact is by its nature intimate, but with advances in technology we are increasingly distanced from each other. The internet is the ultimate expression of 'messages in bottles' to me. This icon represents the influence of the internet upon me, and also on those I communicate with.