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Reich Star was a RPG (pen and paper) project I worked on back in 1989/90.

The game was set in alternate future where the Nazis had won WW2 and players were rebels fighting to topple them from power. It imagined that advances in rocketry had enabled the Germans to establish themselves as a space-age power with shuttles, moon bases and space stations shortly after the war.

I was part of a team of artists and was mostly responsible for the concept art for the general look and feel of the game world, as well as producing some of the finished artwork. I was having to churn images out at a fairly fast pace and worked in pen and inks for most of the project (the budget didn't strectch to much colour work). The game was published in 1990 and got a fairly good reception but never went into a second edition, making it a bit of scarce game these days with only a couple of thousand copies printed.